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                             Teen Safe Driving Keep the Drive Campaign

 By: Holly Goncher and Michelle Hart

By:  Jenna Mallaney, Jade Mallaney, Sammy Blanchette and Lauren Robinson

By:  Tyler Hults and David Gonzalez

By: Damon Myers

By: Angela Harrison, Sarah LeMonier, and Abbey Malloy

By: Kara Steiskal and Melissa Hoyt

By:  Logan Bertrand, Haley Hatalla, and Becky Zielinski 

By:  Kara Molik, Kalynn Zajdzinski, Britney DuCharme

By:  Tamara Solich

By: Nikos Fajdich, Trey Johnson, and Luis Rodriguez

By: Jo Grgurich and Mel Mulcahy

By: Sam Neumann, Jordan Egge, Marisa Eason, and Jessica Neiner