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Soccer Team Takes 2nd at State!

Photos By:  Lisa Reynolds
Panther Vision 5-27-10

Broadcasting Students Win Award!
Ben Geeding, Avery Nichols and Lauren Robinson just received notification that they won a Schooltube.com contest for the Save a Life Campaign.  Students in the Journalism class submitted a 30 second PSA encouraging kids to live and act responsibly.  Our three students won 3rd place and received a $300 cash prize to use toward equipment for the Broadcasting class.  Way to go!  The money will be used for a new camera.

What's Coming Up?

Sunday, 5-30:       Graduation 2 pm
Wednesday, 6-2:    B-Day Final Exams
Thursday, 6-3:      A-Day Final Exams
Friday, 6-4:         Teacher Institute NO SCHOOL
Monday, 6-7:        Report Card Pick Up 8 am



Hey all! My name is Ben Geeding and I am your editor-in-Chief for this year’s paw print. I am seventeen years old and am a senior at Manteno High. I am a very passionate writer, editor, and leader and am very humbled to be able to have a strong voice and opinion in the direction of this year’s issue.  I hope to revamp, change, and pump up the newspaper into something that this school and community will be in frenzy over.  For you to understand where I come from, let me tell you a quick snippet of some of my hobbies and abilities. I have been acting since I was eight years old and have had many experiences through lead plays in musicals and dramas alike. Since my freshman year I have been an avid member of Manteno High School’s award winning show choir, “Magic”. When writing I always speak from my heart. I take many moments to proofread and always make sure my piece is perfect before placing it on the site. One of my responsibilities is to make sure everyone in the broadcasting department is hard at work making the best material possible to place on the website. Finally and most importantly, I care about this class. Broadcasting combines everything I am zealous towards: Writing, acting, editing, and helping. I have a heart for learning what Mrs. Mead has to teach me and also extending what I know towards my fellow students. So with that being said, sit back and enjoy this year’s Paw Print!

Broadcasting Team

Front row:  Cadie Massie, Jo Grurich, Meiling Jin, Damon Meyers, John Compagnone, and Mike Bojko
Middle Row:  Sponsor Julie Mead, Shelbee Candreeva, Jenna Mallaney, Jeff Blokel, Joe Knoop, Avery Nichols, and Lauren Robinson
Back Row:  Nick Eakins, Taylor Rees, Kristin Crowl, and Anouk Breuker
Not Pictured:  Kailey Snider, Michelle Hart, and Ben Geeding


Reflections on Graduation
By:  Shelbee Candreva

On August 22nd, 2006, we walked into Manteno High School full of hopes and aspirations to do extraordinary things. That was a long time ago, but I still remember the day well. My sister was here to look after me, even though she refused to admit she had a sister then. We knew about this place, but weren’t sure what endeavors may come our way. To me, the last four years have been groundbreaking; they’ve been incredibly fun as well as incredibly challenging, and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into on that day in August 2006.

In my first couple weeks here, I was extremely nervous meeting other classmates and gaining new friends. What would the upper classman think of this tall, skinny freshman? I believed high school to be a building that kept people of different backgrounds who really didn’t like each other secluded from the real world for 7 hours until the last bell released them to live their actual lives. I thought that each class stuck to themselves and students weren’t really friends with each other unless they were fairly close in age. But as the weeks at school grew in number, I realized that everyone in this facility wasn’t out to get me. I started expanding, changing into a new, more confident person. I was doing well academically and actually fell asleep in a class for the first time in my life. I was having more fun than when I was in middle school, and started to think of this building as a place to socialize more than a place of actual learning.

So that was the beginning. At the time, I had no idea that there was anything special about this place. I was having a blast and learning a lot, but I didn’t feel about it then the way I do now.

With graduation coming closer every day, we strive to be the best we can be in the little time we have left, leave a memory of what we were, what we are, what we hope to be. But, as the time continually ticks away on our childhood, I can’t help but reflect on the memories that I have of my years here.

We have spent the last four years of our lives surrounded by beauty-something we can only dimly perceive now because we spend all day breathing it in and out. Through the years, I have witnessed numerous events. I have seen students being discriminated upon because of who they are, or who people believe them to be. I have observed conflict between classmates, teachers, and faculty. But, I have also glimpsed at the dedication of my classmates who dream of bigger things than this small town. I have also caught sight of the talented students here at Manteno High School and the immense love we have for each other. We continually swim in this small pool full of opportunities, and like the young fish we are, it took us until now to realize what had been around us this entire time.

We are now being removed from our body of water. We are the old fish in this school and pretty soon our gills will be no good to us. We are suddenly being thrown into a bigger world with more people to compete against to achieve our dreams. I no longer have my older sister to look after me and realize I must now stand solid on my own. I have no choice but to take my first feeble steps on the world, and though I may fall, I will pick myself up and face the next obstacle because I have an amazing support system behind me. A system made of the best people I know, my friends.

As I grew into the person I am, I met a couple people along the way. I like to call them my best friends. Now, I have never been a person to have close friends because of my strong independence, but I have never met such amazing people in my life. I knew I had to keep them there. Not only have they been here for me when I wanted them, but also when I needed them. Friends aren’t supposed to fix your problems, but be there when things are broken, and God knows I’ve been broken. I applaud my friends for the patience and the love they have for me. They know I can be stubborn and think I know best, but as I look at my past, I see that they never forced an opinion on me, never looked down at me, and NEVER made me feel alone. It takes a true person to sympathize with you when you are suffering, but it takes a true friend to sympathize with you when you have success. I have found myself happy, more than once, not because I have joy in my life, but because my friends have joys in theirs. I am so overcome by the sheer elation of finding such phenomenal people and thank this school every day for bringing me to them.          

As teenagers, we believe that the experiences we have already encountered have prepared us for the real world. If the real world was like our life inside these walls, that might be true, but we have no knowledge at how truly difficult our next years will be. Our encounters have only formed us into the people we are today and given us the background to deal with new hardships. I pray that one day I can look back on my existence and be satisfied with the life I led. I know that the future that awaits me will be challenging; however, I cannot help but feel anxious to begin this journey and as I sit and contemplate what to do with the shrinking time I have, I realize the opportunity I have ahead of me use what time I have to capture my dreams. I can make a difference.

To my classmates, and especially to the younger people here, if I could wish for us one thing, it would be the perspective to see that we hold the key to not only the future, but the now. To live every moment as if graduation will come tomorrow, like it is for the seniors today.